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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I check TFS and extend pass the 90-Day Trial

You can get the Trial extended by 30 days. Extending Trials of TFS 2010,TFS 2012 and beyond

How can I find out more about Release Management?

You can get a lot more information here: Release Management and Automation

What are the future plans of Release Management? What’s the timeframe?

Not sure on timelines, but I suspect we’ll see some enhancements in April at BUILD conference. Future plans include making the product more work item-centric, building RM into TFS (eliminating the need for a separate RM server and database), making deployment workflow much more extensible through heavy focus on PowerShell and DSC, releasing deployment agents for non-Windows platforms (e.g. UNIX/LINUX), a lot more support for Azure provisioning/configuring environments).

Who uses Release Management today, is it ready for prime time?

Tons of customers use the InRelease version. Since we’ve only had the product for ~6 months and you get Standard Edition agents with Ultimate, we don’t have a lot of customers reporting they are using it yet. A couple of my peers largest customers in MN are using InRelease and swear by it. One of them (EcoLab) has been willing to discuss their success with other customers.

Will Release Management work on TFS 2010? TFS 2012?

The previous InRelease product AND the Microsoft version work with TFS 2010/2012/2013. You need to use the version-appropriate build process templates if you want to trigger release management from Team Build.

Will Release Management works with Java and Cobol apps?

Only if you are deploying them to Windows Server.

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